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Click here to access our secure payment tool where you can pay online with a credit card or check.

Insurances Accepted

We accept most insurance plans, (Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, ConnectiCare, Emblem, Empire, Healthy CT, Medicare, Oxford, and United Healthcare for starters, contact us for the full list), and our staff will be glad to review your benefits with you before your visit, free of charge.

We also accept Worker’s Compensation Insurance if you are hurt at work, and MedPay Insurance from an auto policy, or we will work with your lawyer, if you have been in a car accident.

Husky Insurance or Self Pay

We believe that no one should be limited in their use of healthcare because of financial worries. We do our best to keep our fees as reasonable as possible, but if you have no insurance, or insurance that does not always cover chiropractic (Medicaid or Husky), please call us and we will work something out. For such questions, feel free to email our billing specialist, or give us a call at 203-939-9700.

Insurance Definitions

Insurance is hard to figure out, even for experts sometimes. Sometimes your card gives you an idea of what treatment will cost, sometimes you have to contact the insurance company. You can always email us a copy of the card with your name and birth date, and we will let you know what care will likely cost at our office.

  • Copay – A copay is a flat fee that the patient pays at the time of each doctor’s visit. Chiropractors are considered specialists for the purpose of copays.
  • Coinsurance – Coinsurance is a percentage of the treatment paid by the patient for each visit. The amount due is calculated after the discount for insurance is applied.
  • Deductible – A deductible is an amount paid by the patient in a year before insurance starts to cover costs. Even when you haven’t met your deductible yet for the year, insurance discounts still apply. Sometimes employers put money into an account to help with medical costs when plans have high deductibles.
  • Husky or CT State Insurance – Husky plans in Connecticut do not cover chiropractic care for patients over the age of 21. For patients under 21, Husky puts up obstacles on providers who would like to cover these patients, by requiring extensive paperwork and minimal reimbursement. For this reason, it is hard to find doctors who will accept Husky in places like Fairfield County. If you need care, please contact us, and we will try to help you feel better at a cost you can afford.