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Chiropractic Treatments & Therapies


In our Norwalk chiropractic office, Dr French uses safe and effective spinal adjustments as a primary therapy to alleviate and prevent neck and back pain. Complementary treatments may also be applied, including electrical muscle stimulation, application of heat or ice, and manual muscle therapy.

Theragun Therapy

In our practice, we now incorporate Theragun therapy, a powerful tool for breaking up fascial adhesions, reducing muscle knots, and alleviating inflammation that contributes to back pain episodes. We’ve found that patients experience faster recovery with fewer visits, and their pain is less likely to return, even in cases of persistent chronic conditions. The Theragun is an integral part of our treatment approach, helping patients achieve better results and improved overall well-being.

image of Dr French applying Kinesio tape for the shoulder

Dr. French is certified in Kinesio-Taping, an innovative treatment for various types of muscular and joint pain symptoms. This taping method is prominently featured at the Olympics and professional sporting events. If you are too far away to schedule an appointment with Dr. French but would like advice on applying Kinesio-Tape yourself, feel free to contact us.

Sport-Specific Therapy

Dr French has advanced training in golf biomechanics with Dr Greg Rose of the Titleist Performance Institute, and in the application of Kinesio-Tape for improved function and decreased pain. He will want to know all about any sports you play in order to help you feel and perform your best.