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An image showing where the sciatic nerve comes from and how it runs down the leg


What is Sciatic Nerve Pain? The word sciatica refers to a specific, painful condition affecting the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs out of your lower back, and down your leg to your foot. However, in today’s common usage, the term sciatic nerve… Read More »Sciatica

Image of a mom carrying a baby carrier incorrectly

New Mom Pain

There is plenty of attention given to pain during pregnancy. However, once the baby arrives, all of the focus goes to meeting all their needs, often ignoring how much of a toll that takes on parents. From carrying around an uncooperative… Read More »New Mom Pain

arthritis in a spinal xray


Arthritis, and its effects on us as humans, is a hard condition to quantify. I have read studies that say 27 million people in the United States suffer from osteoarthritis, the most common form of the condition. More than 20… Read More »Arthritis