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Understanding Spinal Misalignments: How Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help

As a Chiropractor in Norwalk, CT, I often treat patients with back pain. Identifying the cause is sometimes straightforward – for instance, lifting a heavy object and subsequently experiencing pain. However, there are cases where back pain seems to occur without a clear reason. In these instances, understanding spinal misalignments and the role chiropractic adjustments can play in providing relief is crucial.

Inflammation and Back Pain

Musculoskeletal pain, which originates from muscles and joints rather than organs or disease, is typically associated with inflammation. This inflammation can stem from overworked muscles due to poor posture or ergonomics or joint issues like sprains or arthritis from long-term micro-injuries.

Sometimes, the key to identifying the cause of pain is determining which tissue is inflamed. Nonetheless, there are still cases of back pain that require a deeper understanding of the underlying issue. Muscular inflammation can come from overworking muscles in bad posture or bad ergonomics. Joint inflammation can be from a sprain, or arthritis from long term micro injuries. A spinal joint can be overworked over years from poor posture or from your genetic makeup. (Read more about the causes of back pain.)

Unexplained Back Pain and Spinal Misalignments

How can seemingly innocuous activities like putting on shoes, turning your head, or reaching for an item on the floor cause intense pain? These actions alone may not be enough to trigger pain, but when the back is already not functioning correctly, the additional strain on moving parts can exacerbate the issue.

Prolonged periods of sitting or lying down can cause stiffness and misalignment to build up in the muscles and joints of the back. The numerous joints in the back can compensate for these misalignments by taking on additional strain. However, these compensation patterns can lead to further misalignment and set the stage for a painful episode.

Preventing Unexplained Back Pain

The best way to prevent unexplained back pain is to address joint misalignments before they cause flare-ups. Try to avoid staying in one position for extended periods by:

  • Scheduling mini breaks at work.
  • Stretching during long car drives.
  • Ensuring your bed is firm enough for easy position changes during sleep.
  • Walking the aisle during long flights.

Chiropractic Treatment for Spinal Misalignments

If your spine becomes misaligned, a chiropractor can help adjust it back into place. Early symptoms of spinal misalignments include stiffness, reduced range of motion in the morning, and a constant urge to stretch or pop your own back.

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